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Adelphi Research

adelphi is the leading independent think-and-do tank in Europe for climate, environment and development. We are some 280 strategists, thought leaders and practitioners working at the local and global levels to find solutions to the most urgent political, economic and social challenges of our time. As a policy consultancy, we support a just transition towards carbon neutrality and sustainable, liveable societies. Our work is grounded in trans-disciplinary research, evidence-based consulting and stakeholder dialogues. With these tools we shape policy agendas, facilitate political communication, inform policy processes and support decision-makers.

adelphi’s interdisciplinary team working on water and water diplomacy analyses the impacts of global changes on sustainable development and resources management as well as on foreign policy and security. In particular, adelphi assesses interconnected and cross-cutting challenges, such as climate change, the WEF nexus, migration, and conflict, and engages practitioners and policymakers across sectors, geographies, and levels of governance to design appropriate responses.

In GoNEXUS adelphi leads the work on multi-level Nexus-dialogues, focussing on the transboundary and global levels, including on hydro-diplomacy. We will also develop the GoNEXUS sustainability assessment framework to assess nexus challenges under different future scenarios as well as the effectiveness of proposed solutions to address these. As the responsible partner for dissemination, we ensure that GoNEXUS results reach their target groups from research, policy and practice.

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Annika Kramer
Head of Programme Water