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Politechnico di Milano

Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) is one of the largest technical universities in Europe and ranked among the world top university in several engineering areas. POLIMI is participating in the project with the Environmental Intelligence Lab (EI-Lab) based in the Department of Electronics, Information, Bioengineering (DEIB). DEIB is one of the major ICT university departments in Europe, with over 1000 members. DEIB has participated to 70 FP7 projects for a total cost value of €32 million (€25 million funding), of which 15 were coordinated by DEIB. Today DEIB participates in more than 70 H2020 projects. In addition to traditional ICT areas, DEIB has a strong international reputation in cross-disciplinary fields, including the application of Systems Analysis and Control Theory to the field of water resources modelling, management and decision making. The EI-Lab’s mission is advancing environmental decision analytics for supporting human decisions in complex engineering systems including multiple actors and exposed to evolving multisectoral demands and global change. EI-Lab participates in and coordinate several projects on topics relevant for Go Nexus in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.


Andrea Castelletti