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Universiteit Utrecht

Utrecht University (UU) is the largest university in the Netherlands, with over 3600 faculty members and over 30,000 students.  UU is a research university that ranks 13th in Europe and 49th in the worldwide 2019 Shanghai Ranking. UU has focused its research efforts on a limited number of strategic themes, among which ‘Pathways to Sustainability’. The UU team in GoNEXUS consists of members of the Earth Surface Hydrology Group (ESHG) at the department of Physical Geography, which is part of the faculty of Geosciences. ESHG’s research revolves around continental to global scale hydrological and water resources modelling in the context of global change, with a specific focus on water scarcity and flood and drought risk. The group has built the next-generation global hydrological model PCR-GLOBWB 2 (PCRaster GLOBal Water Balance), which is widely used in various global or continental hydrological analyses and has provided the input to several hydroclimatic services such as WRI’s Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas and Aqueduct floods, and the projects EdgE and Ulysses under the Copernicus CS3 program.