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Fact-checking future scenarios with local stakeholders for the Senegal river case study

After the first workshop in October 2022, a second workshop was planned with the aim to gain insights and feedback based on the projections/scenarios developed in the project. On May 24 and 25, this second participatory prospective workshop was held in St Louis, Senegal, on the management of the Senegal River. For the Senegal River case study, the project involves the OMVS (Organization for the Development of the Senegal River), the University of Dakar, Laval University in Quebec and BRGM (French geological research institute).

The second stakeholder workshop explored several scenarios of water use, river development and management, including the construction of hydroelectric dams and their impact on the river and other uses. BRGM, Laura Seguin, Jean-Daniel Rinaudo, proposed fictitious press clippings from 2050, describing three contrasting scenarios of water management and development choices. These clippings were based on the scenarios or possible future situations, presented in a ludic yet realistic form to elicit a response. The scenarios presented were discussed, criticized, deconstructed, and recomposed. Based on this discussion, a fourth scenario emerged from the collective work. A participatory mapping exercise was also carried out to invite participants to spatialize the major changes imagined.

Through this workshop, participants were able to identify a number of principles likely to underpin the management of the Senegal River in the decades to come. These scenarios will be simulated using a hydro-economic model developed by Laval University. The third and final workshop, scheduled for early 2023, will focus on actions or solutions (political, regulatory, technical…) to be implemented at the watershed level.