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EU Region

The EU case study will work towards a coordinated and sustainable management of the WEFE nexus in Europe.

Despite ambitious policymaking to improve resource efficiency and sustainable management of natural resources, the EU still faces complex sustainability issues at the nexus between water, energy, food and ecosystems. Using modelling tools and collaborating with stakeholders in nexus dialogues, GoNEXUS researchers will identify the changes needed in the EU policy framework to achieve a coordinated WEFE nexus management.

Over the course of the project, GoNEXUS will assess the performance of proposed policy changes and interventions versus the current EU regulatory framework. Some of the goals include linking EU water policy objectives with sustainable objectives of greening the CAP and ensuring sustainability and quality of water resources and energy efficiency, assessing the impacts of EU regulatory framework (e.g., Renewable Energy Directive) on a sustainable water-energy-food nexus, and reducing institutional fragmentation whilst increase cross water, energy, food collaboration and inclusive multi-stakeholder engagement.

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