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Global Region

The Global case study will work towards coordinated and sustainable management of the WEFE nexus across regions worldwide.

A main challenge that the world is facing is an increasing water demand by certain sectors which impacts the water availability for other sectors. This creates tensions between agriculture, industry, domestic, energy, and may also compromise water quality required to maintain healthy ecosystems.

Climate change, increasing extremes (e.g. droughts) and socio-economic developments (e.g. population growth) will exacerbate this challenge even more. A thorough understanding of the nexus between water, energy, food and ecosystems and identification of hotspot regions is urgently needed to improve the management of our future resources and ecosystems.

GoNEXUS researchers will identify the changes needed in the large-scale policy framework to achieve a coordinated WEFE nexus management at the continental to global level using a set of global modelling tools for hydrology, energy, food, ecosystems and economy, as well as in collaboration with stakeholders during nexus dialogues. The evaluation will consider relevant policies and agreements such as the SDGs, climate agreements (+1.5°C target), European Green Deal, as well as the political climate of regions worldwide.

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