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Júcar river basin

The Júcar river basin is located in the east of the Iberian Peninsula.

In the Júcar river basin, the balance between water demand and available resources is precarious. The water, food, energy and ecosystems nexus in the region is highly dependent on water. This means that a water imbalance could jeopardise the functioning of the entire system. Climate change is expected to reduce water availability, increase the intensity of drought episodes, and challenge the long-term sustainability of water use.

Water use in the Júcar river basin sees many competing interests. While 89% of the water is earmarked for agriculture, it also needs to serve urban and industrial uses as well as 31 hydropower plants. In addition, farmers’ traditional water rights for irrigation in the lower basin compete with other irrigation demands in the middle of the basin. Demand and need aside, water scarcity, irregular rainfall, and groundwater overuse also contribute to the dire ecological consequences in this area.

GoNEXUS researchers will look into the potential climate change impacts of the Júcar River basin and determine which adaptation solutions could be put in place on the management level.

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