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Tagus-Segura river basins and water transfer

The Tagus-Segura river basins and water transfer channels water from the Tagus river to the Segura river in Spain. It was originally built to divert water for agricultural irrigation to the dry south-east of the country. Each river has its own unique set-up and political issues.

As the oldest and largest inter-basin water transfer in the Iberian Peninsula, the Tagus-Segura water transfer is also the source of contention and competing interests. Growing electricity and water supply demands, over‐regulation of the rivers, and strong climate variability in the basins have already imposed significant pressures on the rivers. This is exacerbated by the problems specific to each of the river basins. For instance, groundwater overexploitation for irrigation in the Segura basin is threatening local ecosystems, urban water supply and the current model for regional development. The Tagus River basin, on the contrary, is an important water source for hydropower production and urban and agricultural water supply in Spain and Portugal.

GoNEXUS researchers will look into these regions competing interests and the climate effects it will experience. Their case study will provide potential solutions for better management of the water transfer.  These solutions will be assessed by local stakeholders to make sure they are adapted to local specificities.

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