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Spotlight on a Young GoNEXUS Researcher: Adrián González-Rosell

Every few months GoNEXUS puts the spotlight on our young researchers. These are researchers who have recently graduated with their PhD or who are currently studying and who contribute actively to the research of the GoNEXUS project.

We are pleased to introduce you to Adrián González-Rosell. Adrián is a Peruvian researcher currently working towards his PhD at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. His academic background is in agricultural economics.

What do you do on GoNEXUS? What other projects have you worked on?

For GoNEXUS, I design methodologies to evaluate WEFE nexus solutions capable of addressing global, regional, and local cross-sectoral challenges. For the Tagus-Segura case study, I will work as a modeller which means that I apply systems dynamics approaches to the data collected in the region. I also have experience working on other nexus projects, such as the H2020 SIM4NEXUS project, and on other projects focused on rural development policy evaluation.

What is the most interesting thing you learned so far working on GoNEXUS?

I like working on the identification and evaluation of WEFE nexus solutions, but the most interesting thing I have learned working on GoNEXUS working with multidisciplinary teams from different nationalities.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are you working on?

My current research focuses on the analysis of WEFE nexus solutions, policies, and interventions through the application of systemic approaches. In 5 years, I see myself continuing to work as a researcher and would like to focus my research on bio-economic analysis and the WEFE nexus.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Since I was little I always liked science and research, but I didn’t know that I could work in these fields, so I initially wanted to be an Engineer. However, when I was growing up I was able to discover my vocation for research.

Who is your science idol? Someone you wish you could have a conversation with (from the past or contemporary).

I would say my science idol is Michael Faraday. He was an experimental scientist, who laid the foundations for the invention of the electric motor and generator. His discoveries have placed him among the most outstanding scientists in history. Beyond being a scientific genius, he was a humble, generous and hard-working person, who had a high regard for the public and social good.

Which GoNEXUS research outcome (other than your own) are you most excited to learn about or collaborate with?

I am very excited to work on large scale WEFE modelling as well as river basin and local WEFE modelling, as well as the development of the model toolbox. Developing models is very challenging, almost like solving a puzzle

Have you read any interesting books/articles recently that really made you think?

The book, Factfulness from Hans Rosling, is a scientific dissemination book for the general public that demolishes many myths about education, economy, and social welfare with scientific facts. It has motivated me to continue researching.

If GoNEXUS held a party, which song would you request from the DJ?

I would request “For What it’s Worth” from Buffalo Springfield.